H I G H  Q U A L I T Y  B U S I N E S S 

A R T I C L E S  A N D  B L O G S

I get it, writing feels like such a slog! Creating keyword-rich content, including blogs and thought leadership pieces, is time-consuming. You've got to come up with a relevant topic, snappy headline, and then you've got to write the damn thing! So what’s the point?

Why it makes good business sense to have a blog on your website?

Creating regular content on your blog will give your business better visibility on Google and other search engines, increasing traffic to your website. And, by providing meaty content, readers will connect with your brand, which will generate more leads and sales.  And, you’ll love this, you will reduce your ad spend to zero.

But, why focus on business blogging on your website rather than LinkedIn?

By posting content on your blog first, Google and other search engines will see the source of the content and credit your website, rather than LinkedIn. Although publishing articles on social media gives you access to a larger audience, there are no SEO benefits to this. And while there are definitely benefits to publishing articles on LinkedIn, it’s best to post them on your blog first. 

What you'll get: 

  • Thoroughly researched content

  • Incorporating keyword and competitor analysis

  • Specific to your business and customer needs

  • Targeted to your customers/clients

  • Written in your brand voice


If you like the sound of that, get in touch.